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3 Strand



  • Three twisted yarns form the rope
  • Also referred to as a “hawser-laid” rope
  • Each strand composed of twisted yarns
  • Easy to splice
  • Are not torque free, and have a tendency to spin under load

3 strand rope constructions are composed of fibers twisted into yarns, and then several yarns are in turn twisted into strands. 3 or 4 equally sized strands are then twisted into a rope. Care is taken during the twisting process to ensure that the resulting rope is of balanced construction, and certain constructions may be further heat set to improve dimensional stability. Stranded ropes will however rotate under load, and care should be taken when using them for pulling and lifting applications, especially over pulley systems. Typical rope fibers used are Polypropylene, Co-Polymers, Nylon, and Polyester and a combination of fibers is sometimes used within one strand. Applications can be found in all industries, but especially in the Electrical/Communications, Recreational, Scaffolding, Safety areas.