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3 Strand


  • Three twisted yarns form the rope
  • Also referred to as a "hawser-laid" rope
  • Each strand composed of twisted yarns
  • Easy to splice
  • Are not torque free, and have a tendency to spin under load                              


3 Strand Nylon                                                            Suitable for Mooring and Anchor lines, general purpose lines and slings

3 Strand Superline                                                  Stringing lines for cable pulls, hand lines, utility rope and where any commercial application where a strong, economical rope is required                                           

3 Strand Manila                                                          Agricultural and trucking applications, decorative uses, theatrical set lines


3 Strand Knotless Vertical Lifelines                          CSA Approved Z259.2.5-17                                                            


3 Strand Super Jumbo                                                Stringing lines for cable pulls, hand lines and utility rope