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Spectra® is the trade name of Allied Signal for this ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber. Another trade name for a fiber of similar properties is Dynemaa® from DSM High performance fibers BV. These long chain olefin fibers have up to 10 times the strength of steel for their weight, tenacities range from 30 - 35 gpd. The specific gravity is around 0.97 and therefore ropes made from Spectra® will float. Temperature limitations are low similar to other olefins, and the fiber melts at around 150° C (300° F). The fiber has low elongation at break, in the range of 2.7% - 3.6%, which is comparable with steels. They are however subject to creep under prolonged loads. They have excellent abrasion characteristics, as they are very slippery fibers. This make knot holding strength very poor. They have excellent resistance to mildew, aging, and sunlight, though some loss of strength happens with long exposures to ultraviolet rays. They have excellent resistance to most acids and alkalis, with the exception of elevated temperature exposure to some acids. They resist most solvents, have good resistance to bleaches, though some hydrocarbons will cause swelling, especially at elevated temperatures.